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The Infinite Potentials of Concrete – and UHPC


In history concrete has always had the role of being the cutting edge of design freedom to meet both functional and structural dreams. One of the good old examples is of course the Pantheon Dome in Rome. This in-situ cast dome is from the year 110 ad. and it was extremely innovative in its time. It is still standing today as a marker in time – and inspiration for the next 2.000 years of concrete designs.


Pantheon in Rome, Italy


But after Pantheon the potentials of concrete were forgotten for many centuries – and it was reinvented and introduced again in a larger scale only 100 years ago.  

In the past 100 years the general use of concrete have increased dramatically – for both precast and in-situ structures. It has been industrialized to the limits and potentials of the present technologies into the worlds largest consume – surrounding us every day – wherever we go or live.    


But have we unlocked the true potentials?

In the past 20 years a lot of new technologies have emerged around concrete – 3D design and printing – CNC robot grinding – and new mould technologies like ex recyclable wax moulds. Also the concrete itself has been through a small revolution of development into new types of UHPC – and UHPC is now commercial available when architects and engineers start designing the structures of the next century.

So when we look into the future, what questions do we need to ask ourselves – do we feel lucky…? or brave enough to embrace the full potentials of concrete:


In shape…

   Double Curved shells                            Surface patterns                                     Organic Shapes     


In scale…

 An idea for a scultptural chair – with no sharp edges.               A large urban structure solving a city plan


In Aesthetics…

 Unlimited possibilities in colors, textures and expressions.                                         Including the Human Factor



In structural properties…

   Large loads in narrow sections                                        Durable, strong, rigid – and optimized          



In functions and applications…

   165New types of facades            Slender stairs                        Off Shore structures             Infrastructure systems  



In solving the future challenges of the globe…

  Protecting coastlines                             Making renewable energy                     Protecting important structures



Hi-Con CRC i2® in short

  • Aesthetic potentials like normal concrete

  • Strength almost like steel

  • Better durability than both steel and normal concrete


Hi-Con invites everyone to challenge us and our UHPC - and join us in innovation ventures unlocking the true potentials of UHPC to make the world a better and more beautiful place in the centuries to come.


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